What happens to students who sexually assault their teachers?

We have too often seen or heard of stories which tells us that children are innocent and they are sexually assaulted by teachers. Their innocence is damaged and so on. But what really happens when students are sexually assaulting teachers?

Why do we not hear about this? Does it mean it doesn’t take place. Of course it happens, and teachers report such incidents within schools and are dealt in school. Due to reputation of school and either to challenge teachers then students. The students behaviour goes unchallenged and these type of students often grow up to be part of the prison population.

When a child is sexually assaulted by a teacher it is safeguarding issue and such things can easily put school under a lot of pressure. This pressure would be from parents, community, media, police and Ministry of Education.

When teacher is sexually assaulted the children’s parents want to keep it as quiet as possible and so does the school because they are more worried about offsteds reports and find it easier to shut the teacher up. Teacher also feels embarrassed and feels isolated with no support, worried about others making fun and victimising them further.

Therefore, students get away with light warning and nothing more. Whereas the teacher continues to suffer in silence.

Will there every be chances? What can be done to make it an equal society for all. We have child safeguarding and adult safeguarding (linked to domestic abuse) but do we have a system to protect our teachers who shape our children who are our future. Just the way we have system in place to protect our children from monsters.

Or do we continue to let our teachers suffer in silence who are like our children’s second parent. They spend more time with teachers then with us when in education.

If you had personal experience comment below or email me if it’s personal and confidential. All information is treated with sensitivity. Share if you feel you know who is suffering.

Comment with suggestions on how to bring


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