What is life worth living for?

Let’s be realistic I am not a professional writer, a lot of people aren’t. Everyone is on a journey to find out ways of making money over a night.

Bill Gates is currently standing at almost £80 Billion, what will that one man with all that money do or what will the money do for him when his dead?

Absolutely nothing, I look around, I look at the history and the present, I see nothing but the war where only few top rich people benefit and millions of others die in the process and no-one really gives two f*** about it.

Now we can continue this conversation in the comments section below. I read my all comments, the main reason I am here because.

There are people dying because of famine, we can sit here and enjoy our meals, TV and other hobbies but reality is many people around the world are dying. I am only here because I don’t have money myself to help, so I need your assistance. Donate to a good cause that’s been started.

I recommend the following, https://www.gofundme.com/swyna-helping-the-needy-in-africa


or find any other you like or trust but don’t stop there do something.

“Do something amazing, save lives”

If you drink or smoke, leave and save yourself, the money you save from there donate and with you save many others. When you eat to kill yourself, you are killing many others with you.

Thank you for reading.





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