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What is life worth living for?

Let’s be realistic I am not a professional writer, a lot of people aren’t. Everyone is on a journey to find out ways of making money over a night.

Bill Gates is currently standing at almost £80 Billion, what will that one man with all that money do or what will the money do for him when his dead?

Absolutely nothing, I look around, I look at the history and the present, I see nothing but the war where only few top rich people benefit and millions of others die in the process and no-one really gives two f*** about it.

Now we can continue this conversation in the comments section below. I read my all comments, the main reason I am here because.

There are people dying because of famine, we can sit here and enjoy our meals, TV and other hobbies but reality is many people around the world are dying. I am only here because I don’t have money myself to help, so I need your assistance. Donate to a good cause that’s been started.

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“Do something amazing, save lives”

If you drink or smoke, leave and save yourself, the money you save from there donate and with you save many others. When you eat to kill yourself, you are killing many others with you.

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What happens to students who sexually assault their teachers?

We have too often seen or heard of stories which tells us that children are innocent and they are sexually assaulted by teachers. Their innocence is damaged and so on. But what really happens when students are sexually assaulting teachers?

Why do we not hear about this? Does it mean it doesn’t take place. Of course it happens, and teachers report such incidents within schools and are dealt in school. Due to reputation of school and either to challenge teachers then students. The students behaviour goes unchallenged and these type of students often grow up to be part of the prison population.

When a child is sexually assaulted by a teacher it is safeguarding issue and such things can easily put school under a lot of pressure. This pressure would be from parents, community, media, police and Ministry of Education.

When teacher is sexually assaulted the children’s parents want to keep it as quiet as possible and so does the school because they are more worried about offsteds reports and find it easier to shut the teacher up. Teacher also feels embarrassed and feels isolated with no support, worried about others making fun and victimising them further.

Therefore, students get away with light warning and nothing more. Whereas the teacher continues to suffer in silence.

Will there every be chances? What can be done to make it an equal society for all. We have child safeguarding and adult safeguarding (linked to domestic abuse) but do we have a system to protect our teachers who shape our children who are our future. Just the way we have system in place to protect our children from monsters.

Or do we continue to let our teachers suffer in silence who are like our children’s second parent. They spend more time with teachers then with us when in education.

If you had personal experience comment below or email me if it’s personal and confidential. All information is treated with sensitivity. Share if you feel you know who is suffering.

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Understanding Gravity

How did the earth come to existence, what happened and what is happening now to our solar system. What role does gravity play in all these and its importance.

Well all that is really well explained in the video below so watch.

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5 steps towards healthy mind

We all know what are the 5 daily things we need to keep ourselves healthy. Whether we do it or not that is a different story.

We know we need to eat 5 vegs and 5 fruits daily to keep your health. Equally our mental health requires a lot of attention and we forget about our mental health.

Here I will tell you 5 steps that will keep your mind healthy if done daily.

These 5 step appeal is not something I’ve thought of and sharing without any research evidence but it is clinically proven. You can google or use any search engine you like to keep up with learning more about the 5 step approach towards good mental health.

1. Connect – This is very important, often these days due to increase in technology majority of people are sat behind computers and not building relationships. You need to stop this and get out more, get involved with community activities, improve on your relationship with family, friends, or make friends or someone special in life. This helps eliminate isolation. Isolation leads to many mental health problems.

2. Activate – We all want to be more active and build them muscles. This is a good target but you do not have to do that, do anything physical, gardening, running, or another physical activity, this helps you kill some of the ingredients which contribute towards more stress but you sweat it out.

3. Live in present – Do yoga or something, we are all to worried about what has happened in the past and what we are going to do in the future, but we forget about the present, there is so much to enjoy in the present but we don’t because our minds are occupied by worries, but we need to learn to enjoy little things, such as drinking water, eating, or even breathing. Once we concentrate on those you will feel the difference straight away.

4. Keep learning – Many of us stop learning and get comfortable in what we are doing and not develop any new skills or enhance on our knowledge. This then slowly has an impact on your brain and the brain starts to shut down. This is why it is important to keep on learning and keep your brain active.

5. Give – This does not have to be financially but can be giving your time, volunteering, or teaching others what you know. This help you with the sense of achievement and satisfaction. Everyone feels good knowing they have made a positive change to someone’s else lives. So this is a good way, if you can give money that can help a lot of people too.

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Enjoy life and keep living 😉

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Do you believe in demons?

If you do not believe in demons this will be an interesting concept for you. I have a video uploaded on YouTube which shows how animals behave once possessed. You won’t believe it till you see it. Watch the video on YouTube and leave comments here. This video will show you a cat that is possessed by a demon, after watching this, you will begin to start believing in demons.


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What is the best way of making money at Home?

I have over the past few weeks been searching around how to set up your own business and make money from home.

This was proven to be more difficult journey than I thought it to be. I wish I knew more and support at hand, but this is never easy to find.

Now I want to help others out there from what I’ve learnt. Currently, I am working on few projects, these projects are my videos which will be uploaded on YouTube Channel. I aim to provide in depth information regarding how to make easy money from home with just fingers tips. This is the line that is often attractive but reality is. It is not as easy as that and you will have to work hard for it.

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