Do you believe in demons?

If you do not believe in demons this will be an interesting concept for you. I have a video uploaded on YouTube which shows how animals behave once possessed. You won’t believe it till you see it. Watch the video on YouTube and leave comments here. This video will show you a cat that is possessed by a demon, after watching this, you will begin to start believing in demons.


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What is the best way of making money at Home?

I have over the past few weeks been searching around how to set up your own business and make money from home.

This was proven to be more difficult journey than I thought it to be. I wish I knew more and support at hand, but this is never easy to find.

Now I want to help others out there from what I’ve learnt. Currently, I am working on few projects, these projects are my videos which will be uploaded on YouTube Channel. I aim to provide in depth information regarding how to make easy money from home with just fingers tips. This is the line that is often attractive but reality is. It is not as easy as that and you will have to work hard for it.

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I know there is a lot of videos out there and a lot of documents who offer the same advise but I am not sure how honest that is and leaves you to think hard what to do. However, I have my YouTube account linked to my website, which you can use to email me, when you use the website to email me, I generate money and you in return get my help and it will not cost you a thing.

My YouTube is linked to everything, facebook, instagram, twitter so there are more than one ways to contact me, even on here leave your comments below. This way I will not make anything but I will provide help, although I’d prefer for you to subscribe to my Channel.

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About me

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Are you Single Muslim?

Are you Single Muslim struggling to find yourself spouse?

Well come join S & G Matrimonial services you can find us on Instagram @SGMatrimonial or you can find us on (this website is under construction but you can sign up or leave a message.


The aim of this service will be to help brothers and sisters to find a life partner. Ideally this Single Muslims platform will arrange for Single Muslims Marriage Events in the North West of United Kingdom, these events will be 100% halal and in a controlled envirnoment. Making it safe and easy to meet and speak to people. Often Marriage events are rushed but this will aim to give you more time but less space to ensure the meeting is halal. We do not want to be part of those people who have wrong intentions and use such services to their shaytanic advantages. We seek refuge from such people and aim to back this the best experience of your life.


Stay with us to learn more!

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Make me famous!


There are a lot of people that want to be famous especially the young ones.


How do you actually do it then, well the answer is simple and will be given in the near future for now you can watch this.


This video will present you with what you probably didn’t know but you will learn soon.

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Through this channel and there will be changes brought to people’s lives. If you have issues where you think you need someone to talk to you can contact me via the website or you can use the social networking apps on the top right on the site to reach for me.

Who should I call?

When we are in problem, we often have many questions. These questions are for the mind but not to ask others. You are always asking you mind who can I trust, who won’t judge me, who will listen to me, who will understand me, who will give me the best advise, who is there for me and this continues in mind. While the tongue just wants to roll out with words while eyes struggle to hold tears in.

This is what many people are going through these days, often we find we cannot trust one another and it is like finding a needle in the sea finding someone that is trustworthy. The biggest problem is not finding a person to trust but knowing I am going to open up to somebody and they will then have power to hurt me. You ask yourself will this person hurt me and you never take the risk to find out.

It is always better to speak to someone who is intelligent and has a lot of life experience then the person you make mistakes with.


Leave your thoughts in the comments below. We are here to help with emotional well-being issues.